Stanley Cup Finals 2011!!

Four years ago almost to the day I had an awesome! experience at Game One of the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals in Anaheim California.  It was the 1st time my birthtown team the Ottawa Senators reached the finals. I live in Vancouver, B.C. so a quick trip down the coast was a no brainer!  It was a true epic hockeyfan experience.  So much so I had to share it…so I posted my first Blog on my friend Lisa Oven’s site Hockey and High Heels.

Fast Forward:-4 years to the day!!  I ‘m walking down the street at home in Vancouver. The Stanley Cup was now in my town!  Just a day away from game one.  It was just announced that the Winnipeg was getting it’s NHL team back. I had my vintage Jets hat on that a great Winnipeger gave me, that I had never worn, in celebration!..(everyone I’ve met from Winnipeg is great!).   At the same time I thinking about how will an indie filmmaker,  hockey fan living in Vancouver get to see a game in this years finals happening right in my backyard?  Cue the hockey gods, my phone rings it’s my buddy Greg..”Andrew a friend owed me a favor and I gave me these two tics to Game One tomorrow nite…want to go?!”  “Are you #@%* kidding me hells yeah!!!- Another true epic hockey fan experience was about to unfold!

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