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Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I find Social Media fascinating, especially when you get past the ‘status updates’.  The people, the possibilities and the opportunities are what drove me to make two documentaries on the subject.  Both my films where made and focused on/in Vancouver Canada, both have aired nationally.

The power of social is in sharing & it is for that reason I have been busy trying to make both my films available online for everyone to see and share.

Ryan Holmes CEO of HootSuite with Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore -from Generation Social

I am happy to report  With Glowing Hearts…the #van2010 Social Media Story is on for everyone to see and Generation Social is on CBC’s website. (only folks in Canada can see this one).  We are trying to make @GenSoc (Generation Social’s Twitter handle) available as quickly as we can for those outside Canada but in the meantime here’s all the info + videos for those of you that are curious and can’t wait….let me just say #HootBus!!

Dave Olson from HootSuite with the HootBus -from Generation Social

Yes I had the good fortune to be one of the first to see/ride and document HootSuite’s big excitement at SXSWi 2012 so come along for the ride and enjoy ‘Generation Social’.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback or if you’d like to organize a screening of either film in your town.

**Update.  I encourage you to checkout my new project ‘Third Wave’ here.  It’s part of a platform CineCoup that really is using the next level of social on the web.


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