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  • Social Media Movie Maker

    Hello and thanks for stopping by.  I find Social Media fascinating, especially when you get past the ‘status updates’.  The people, the possibilities and the opportunities are what drove me to make two documentaries on the subject.  Both my films where made and focused on/in Vancouver Canada, both have aired nationally. The power of social …

  • Generation Social – The Story of HootSuite, @awsamuel and John Chow.

    So the not so secret film I’m making with my talented friends has a title. Generation Social and it will air on CBC Vancouver on August 18th 2012. The filming is 90% complete and we are into post production. This weeks goal to finish a promo video/trailer to launch a Kickstarter funding drive. Done. Launched!

  • #BlackOpsSXSW

      Well if you know me you know what this means. I’m at it again! I’m 8 shoot days into my new project that will air on CBC Vancouver this summer. Pretty crazy – this film was pitched to the CBC on Jan 27th 2o12 and needs to be delivered on June 29th 2012!!! The …

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