IMG_6552I am a Director working and living in Vancouver, B.C.  My media career began in Ottawa, Ontario back in 1990.  I was a recent graduate of the Algonquin College Television Broadcasting program and I was offered a job as an ENG Cameraman (#Betacam!) at Rogers Community 22.  I quickly moved up to Producer and was responsible for seven hrs of original programming a month.  Over the years I have worked in various capacities including Directing, Editing, Producing & Media Consulting. From 1996-2007 I worked in Vancouver on-set as an Assistant Cameraman.  It was exciting work!  From the latest Hollywood blockbuster to the hottest new TV series I was surrounded by creativity & inspiration.  My passion has always been directing so when my cup was full I new it was time for me to begin telling my own stories.

I began shooting my own material first on video then on film & of course now digitally.  I love meeting evolution head on, pushing boundaries & being at the leading edge of the wave. From shooting music videos on film to Documentary Films on Digital SLR’s, I am interested in honesty, the power of the human spirit and captivating stories.  I share projects that are both insightful and inspiring with cinematic style, that would describes my directing.  My first Documentary Feature Film, ‘With Glowing Hearts’ was completed in 2011.  My second ‘Generation Social’ was released in 2012.  Please click here for my current projects & thanks for stopping by.